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Years ago as a church organist, I played over the summer at a beautiful small church on Long Island, N.Y. The minister and the congregation were very friendly, as was the minister's cat. One Sunday morning, as I was playing the prelude, the cat wandered into the sanctuary, walked over to the organ console, hopped up, curled up, and went to sleep. Members of of the congregation smiled, and I was not offended that yet another parishioner was sleeping through my music.

I have always remembered this experience, and have thus decided to name the project after this little fellow ("ChurchKat"). I received so much in my experiences playing the organ in churches, that recently I've  decided to give something back.  I'm using whatever talent I have to present pieces that I know are favorites of the church community. It is my hope that those who enjoy classical church music will find this work relaxing, inspirational, and enjoyable. 

The biggest challenge I have had in this project is creating a "human" feel while using very technical, electronic synthesizers such as the Moog Minimoog, Arp 2600, Sequential Prophet 5, Roland JD 800, Korg M1, and Korg M3. This challenge of using very technological tools in attempt to convey emotional, expressive music is not unique to me and this project-organists and harpsichordists have wrestled with this for centuries. I helped myself a bit by using piano, and enlisting the beautiful flute playing of my niece, Colleen Moore. I hope you enjoy this effort, and think of my little feline friend in a small beautiful church when you listen to it.

Gerry Manecke

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